what now? Hello there!
Here you can find some plugins I've created for various packages.
Some used to be commercial - big thanks to everyone who purchased them!

While downloading why not have a look at Flight World?

mari plugins Custom Geometry Loader - based on Assimp (Open Asset Import Library).
Adds import support in Mari for collada, lxo, lwo, 3ds and many more.

Accepts list of uv's passed in - quite useful when you have heavy geo - this is supported as keyword passed into geo.load or projects.create if you're into mari python.
format should be: 0_0,1_0,2_0 etc

Options to recalculate point normals if the mesh comes in unsmoothed. (lxo, lwo)
Place files in default user plugin folder (users/username/Mari/Plugins) or where you've set MARI_PLUGINS_PATH
Any issues please check marilog what went wrong and contact me! :)

lightwave plugins Vehicle Rigger 1.1 demo video
Vehicle Rigger 1.2 beta
Vehicle Rigger Sample Scenes
Vehicle Rigger Lego Rig Sample Scenes
Gamedevice for Layout 32 bit
Gamedevice for Layout 64 bit
Soundwave 3D audio in Layout 32 bit demo video
Soundwave 3D audio in Layout 64 bit demo video
(offline) Lightwave Chat plugin 32 bit
(offline)Lightwave Chat plugin 64 bit
Simple edge expand plugin 64 bit
Convert HTR(motionbuilder) to MOT(lightwave)
Export ASE for Unreal