17 December


Fixed internet weather not getting downloaded correctly. Fix should be available in Google Play.


13 December


Added Boeing 767, only British Airways for now but more to come.

Couple of bugs squeezed, specially on iOS.

Out now on Google Play, Itunes 5-6 days, PSM 10-14 days.

Any issues please let me know!


29 September


New PS Vita version is waiting for approval. This fixes lot of low quality textures, blank sky and more.

Sadly the PS Vita approval process can be very slow! Most likely out in 10-14 days.

20 September


New Vita version should be out in about 3-4 days fixing various issues.

16 September


Puh! Playstation Vita version is finally done and approved. Available in PS Store under PSM/Simulation.

6 August


Playstation Vita version is very close to done!



28 June


Crash after take off is now fixed in latest iOS release.


Again - apologies for this!


Happy flying

24 June


Apologies for the bad iOS package that went out causing some iOS 7, 7.1 devices to crash after take off.

Fix should be out in a few days.


Thank you for your patience!



11 June


2.099 is now out on Google Play

Fixes issue with ATC giving incorrect instructions when flying over the pacific.

Added in flight service for custom flights.

Bug fixes to airplanes having the same speed handling.

4 June


2.094 should now be out for iOS. Has all the features listed previously and smaller installation size.

21 May


If you are getting crashes on iOS please try to disable internet weather. This affects both custom and career flight.

11 May


2.094 out on Google Play.

ATC altitude instructions.

Option to set altitude in HUD and autopilot to use sea level.

Option to set distance left to miles instead of km.

Added Lion Air for 737.


2.092 is now available on Itunes.

3 May


2.092 out on Google Play

A few people left good reviews and requested Aeroflot - you know what that means... Added!

Plus airspeed indicator, better night terrain textures and bunch of fixes.



28 April


New versions out on Play and Itunes.

Airbus 380 added!

18 April


2.08 out for iOS, should take care of most career play crashes.


Any issues please send me a mail on flight@walen.se.


13 April


New version under review for the iOS app store.

Should take about 5-6 days until it's released - bunch of fixes!

11 April


Finally back home - fixing the iOS problems.

If you want to get on the beta pop me a mail.

iOS Beta

Android Beta



28 March


Just a quick update on what I'm currently working on.


Cockpit interior - first up is the 747.

Don't worry, still heavy work in progress so plenty of details to add.


Interior of the A380 upper deck is done. When lower is done it's ready for release.


Fixed the tiny text size issue on high res devices like ipad and nexus. Will put out a beta for this before the main one.


Going on a trip for a couple of days but not to worry - I'll be checking my mail so any questions or ideas send them as usual.


Thanks for the good reviews!

25 March


Version 2.07 is now out on Itunes.


If you're still getting crash during in flight please disable AI traffic under settings.


Any issues let me know!

23 March


iOS devices:


In the 2.04 on itunes there are a couple of bugs.

This has been fixed and hoping Apple will get the release approved soon.


Crash while flying - disable ai traffic in settings menu.


Settings menu back button - incorrect hit box on ipad, click around it to go back.


Career gets corrupt and don't allow to go into flight - For now please use "free flight mode" until new release is out.


Thanks for your patience!

17 March


Flight World has now been released on Itunes!


The released version is 2.04. Latest version (2.07) is being processed.

13 March


Version 2.06 has just been uploaded.

Fixed issue with corrupted career after a plane crash.


iOS version has been submitted and waiting to hear from Apple. Stay tuned!


Sneek preview what's coming soon (still have to do interiors)

26 February


Version 2.0 is now out on Google Play.


All features listed in previous posts plus:


Turkish Airlines, Asiana(old and new), Norwegian(Boeing 787), United and Air Asia.




16 February


I've been promised to get internet up and running this week.


Here is a snapshot from the career mode. You can have as many planes you want flying at the same time, take off and landing has to be performed by yourself.


Also added Concorde for BA and Air France.


Stay tuned!

21 January


Still no internet - so another preview for you...

Added (optional) landing markers.

Rewrote big chunk of the ATC guidance speed it up and also killed a ATC guidence bug giving wrong direction on final approach.

12 January


Still waiting for internet... Anyone living in the UK probably knows how painfully slow this can be. (!)


Here are some images showing the latest version which will be uploaded when I'm online and alive again.

Two new planes, few added liveries, new HUD, many fixes and start of AI traffic.



MD-11 with the following liveries: American Airlines, Finnair and KLM


ATR-72 with the following liveries: British Airways, Garuda Indonesia and Scandinavian Airlines.

Start of AI traffic in Flight World, for now very basic but ATC should be more busy. Aiming to squeeze this into the next version.

7 January


Happy new year!


Apologies for lack of updates recently.

Moved house and waiting for internet/phoneline to be installed.

When that is done new release will include MD11, ATR75, iOS version and more.

30 November


Added runway lights - still doing tweaks on it. You can disable this under the fx settings.

Added checkbox option in create flight menu to disable interior gameplay.

Added Alatalia to Boeing 777 and MD82.

Added Air China to Airbus 321.

Added KLM to Fokker 28 and Fokker 50.


If you have issues launching the game after an update - uninstall and reinstall. This should fix it!


Next release will have new HUD (larger/clearer buttons) and first Iphone version.


Thank you for sending ideas and keep the good reviews coming :)

24 November


New version out on Google Play.

Added Fokker 28, Fokker 50 and Saab 340.



18 November


Adding lights to planes/runways and getting iphone version ready!


11 November


Got a few smaller planes coming your way.

Here is Saab 340 and Fokker 28.


Coming soon....

6 November


New version out.

New menu for selecting airport, you can search for names, ICAO or country as before or tap on the map.

Still not perfect but way better than the old one.



3 November


New version out and ready!

Added Airbus 340 and McDonnel Douglas 82. New airline selection page (getting rid of the dropdowns from hell).

Especially for the swedish fans, old SAS livery!


Please try it and let me know of any issues.

Huge thanks for everyone who has taken the time giving Flight World a good rating on Google Play!!!


Also big thanks for everyone sending bugs & ideas, apologies if my reply can sometimes be a bit short, usually in the middle of working :) Please note every single item is noted down!



29 October


New version is out on Play.

Doubled the terrain size/res, added buildings to certain airports, added Finnair and Qantas, fixed save/load game bug.

There's lot more different handling of different aircrafts - still doing tweaks to it.

Any issues let me know!


21 October


Apologies for taking a while getting the next version out. I've doubled terrain size and resolution which should give better visuals. Currently populating all generated airport buildings into this.

Should be done and ready this week!


16 October


Just submitted a new version to Google Play.

Added optional "km left to destination" per user request. To enable it go into HUD settings in main menu and tick the option.


This is really a temporerly solution, the ultimate goal is to have a in-flight navigation screen. Route flown, ETA yada yada... Ties in to the gameplay/career mode.

But anyway, few bugfixes in there as usual.


Airport buildings are getting closer. It's been a long process argh... Big thanks to Gabriel on helping sending me majority of the charts/maps!!

Currently processing all of them, majority of them are actually very good seperating buildings from everything else - all my script does (pretty much :)) is to get the basic shape while ignoring any odd/runway-looking shapes... After this a few tests to flag suspicious results. When done all I have to do then is to convert the result to illustrator path files and voila - extrude them upwards and you have simple 3d airport buildings. The end result might look a bit simple but I think it will be a good starting point. Idea is at some point in time release them so users can help to improve quality by hand.



14 October


Just submitted a new version to Play.

Added landing wheel smoke on touchdown (sound coming)

Added size settings for HUD buttons - under hud settings in main menu.

Bunch of bug fixes.



11 October


Spanish language support added to ATC.

Thanks again to David.

You should get message on Google Play about updating.


Any issues let me know!

10 October


New version has been submitted to Google Play, lot of bug fixes.

Including fix for crashing. Currently just a screen saying "Crashed" but don't worry - I want to see fire as much as you ;)

Will add collision detection for buildings close to runways.


Spanish ATC will be added this Sunday thanks to Flight World pilot David!


Anyone out there fluent italian or arabic? Please let me know


Currently working on new terrain, it will double the size of the world which I think will suit the game nicely.


Happy flying!

5 October


Added a video showing ATC set to Swedish:


3 October 2013


Flight World on Google Play


First version is now available on Google Play!

Download and please let me know if you have any issues.


I included french and german speaking ATC. Simply go into the audio settings to enable this.

If you pick up any grammatical errors please let me know.


Have fun!


22 September 2013

Aiming to push out version 1.0 end of next week.

Been mostly busy bug hunting so nothing exciting to show.


A few beta ATC languages will be added to this version - if you hear any funny grammer misstakes, please mail me!

8 September 2013


Interior gameplay done! (for version 1.0 that is)

Recording ATC chatter, first version will only have english and swedish.

When first version is out I will start adding support for german, french, italian, dutch, arabic and spanish. I will need some help translating the ATC vocabulary to these so if you are fluent in any of these languages please contact me.


Aiming for 1.0 release in one month!

6 September 2013


Here is a snapshot of the current progress. The 777 has a total of 4 flight attendants.

Currently they can beside extra language skill also have speed or heart skills. Speed simply completing tasks much quicker and heart increasing the mood bar more than usual.

4 September 2013


Event system for flight attendant requests, toilets and in air-event are pretty much done. Some of these elements might seem a bit unclear in the first release but it will make more sense when the career/money aspect is in there.

The todo list is getting smaller...

1 September 2013


With interior renders out of the way I can finally focus on finishing the first version of the interior gameplay.

Some request from the passangers will be marked with a non english flag meaning you can only answer the call using a flight attendent which has the language as a special skill.

So in the case bellow, make sure your only german speaking attendant isn't stuck on scrubbing the toilet!



31 August 2013


All Airbus 321 interiors done, first class and coach.

Here is a sample of coach night view.

29 August 2013


A few words about the trading of goods in the 1.1 version.

Under Career Mode you will be able to buy and sell goods in any airport. Prices and the need for trading will be based on real world import/export statistics and population of the area.

Here are a few examples of goods that will be included: fruits, beer, citrus, coffee, cotton, fish, footwear etc.


Interior of Airbus 321 is currently in progress. This is the final aircraft which will be included in the first release.


22 August 2013


I know this is getting boring - another interior view... But gotta do them all!

This time 737 - night and dawn snapshots.

20 August 2013


Interior night views, 747 upper deck and 777.

18 August 2013


Interior for 747 almost done - contains interior screens for first class, business class (lower and upper deck) and coach.


14 August 2013


Interior for 777 pretty much there. Buttons/controls are work in progress.

In the first release of Flight World there will be no money aspect to serving food etc. That's for version 1.1 "Career Mode".

Next up to do is the interior for 747!


Stay tuned

10 August 2013


Turbulence area... How it currently appears. Question is, fly around it or turn on the seatbelts signs?

06 August 2013


Lot of bug fixing today. In lack of exciting words about that, here's an image of landing in a rainy London.

05 August 2013


Populating seats now done. Lots of poses and variations of people.

Next up finish up the in-game UI for this and start coding the gameplay.


Images of coach and business class on the 777-200 - work in progress.



04 August 2013


First release approaching, only item left on the list is interior gameplay/graphics.

For the 777 image below seats/layout are taken from the British Airways version. Work in progress...

Stay tuned!


11 July 2013


Website is now up and active!


Flight World is an ambitious flying game for smart phones and tablets.

Flight World on Google Play

Flight World on Itunes

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